If, despite the above, you want to spend money on translation I don`t think it`s important who you use, and you don`t need anyone who knows the legal terminology, because you probably haven`t used the correct legal terminology in the English version of your NNN agreement. There are a lot of Chinese translators on UpWork, but I can`t recommend anyone because we don`t use translators; we use our own Chinese lawyers to design agreements. You can translate your NNN perfectly (and good luck with that), but there is still a 99.99% chance that it is completely ineffective. I say this because I have never seen a NNN that works, which was not written by a very experienced Chinese lawyer. I suggest you read our last two posts on our blog because they deal with how IP injects, unless your NNN or any other agreement contains provisions that prevent them from leaking to these other third parties. This is just one of the many ways in which the NNN you want to translate must be pretty much ineffective. However, there are two important rules to follow when you start with an English-speaking contract with Chinese companies. Follow these rules to save yourself considerable resources in the event of a contractual dispute. And the key to complying with both rules is by hiring a high-quality English legal translation service to help your business. What does this mean for your business? The general message here is that you have to enter into a contract with a quality Chinese language contract from the beginning.

Because false translations will kill you in China, you and your company do not want to be at the mercy of an English-speaking treaty that has been mistranslated into Chinese or a Chinese language treaty that is not done by yourself. High-quality English-Chinese legal translators are extremely rare. Every company operating in China needs accurate translation services for English and simplified Chinese. There is no doubt that China is generally a major player on the world stage in terms of trade, manufacturing and trade transactions. Indeed, the current political discourse on China`s behaviour in the steel trade and the tariffs applied to it serve to highlight China`s importance in the global economy and Chinese translation services.

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