Lead agencies allow service and provider rates. DAS DHS sets caps for HQ and EW services. Authorized and claimed service rates must not exceed the maximum service rates published by DHS and must be determined within limits for certain market price services on the basis of the cheapest effective offer. Information on service rate changes and limit values for EW and AC services is available in the bulletins. Check long-term services and support the rate change website for the latest information on current price limits. EW and AC services require service authorization by a lead agency case manager in the form of a completed service contract (SA). Home Care – Advanced HHA Services, Home Care, PCA See Home Care Services Section for more information about PLAN MA State services. Notification of measures Under the law, the agency or state must notify the member of the MHCP in case of refusal, end of service, reduction or suspension of services. The notification must be written down and sent at least 10 days before the action. Major agencies should use the Action Note (assessments and reassessments) (DHS-2828A) (PDF) and the Measures Communication (DHS-2828B) (PDF) to inform the individual of changes to waiver services. Sa allows the provider to provide services and then charge DHS for payment. MHCP only pays for services on its SA; an approved SA, however, is not a guarantee of payment.

Ultimately, the Case Manager is responsible for the accuracy of SA when it is entered into MMIS. If the supplier receives the SA letter, they must verify your accuracy. Do not charge an invoice for services requiring an SA for the same claim as services for which no SA is required. A person receiving EW benefits may have access to a higher monthly budget if the person resides in a certified care facility and has lived there for 30 consecutive days. See Bulletin Senior Waiver-Monthly Conversion Budget Limits and Maintenance Needs Allowance Changes (PDF). Providers must also determine which program services they are qualified for. You will find specific qualifications in this manual in each specifications. The HCBS Programs Service Request Form (DHS-6638) (PDF) also lists qualifications. Suppliers registered with MN-ITS receive their service letters (CSAs) in their e-mail boxes. Letters can be displayed, printed or stored on a hard drive on the disk or computer and are automatically deleted after 30 days.

The Lead Agency case manager determines and authorizes the amount of home care services that are allocated to the member`s case budget.

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