Nets, one of Europe`s leading processors with decades of experience in digital payments, is rapidly expanding into Central Europe. Nets relies on its Way4 payment platform to serve multiple large issuers and quickly attract new bank customers on board. The rich offering ranges from debit and credit cards to credit and financing products, mobile payments and other value-added services. Yes, you can terminate your credit agreement with us within 14 days. Call us on 0371 781 3051*. If you have used your card account, you must repay it in full within 30 days. Do not find someone else My loan with ikano is for solar panels The company is in liquidation, which has mounted the panels I have persistent problems The panels are the property of ikano due to the loan is now involved no problemOmbudsmann We offer interest-free credit (0% APR) in all parts of the store. Use our 12-month interest-free credit option, which is available if you`re spending £600 or more, our 24-month option, available if you`re spending £1,200 or more, or our 36-month option available if you`re spending £3,000 or more. Stay away from caring for Ikano unless you are admitted for local financing with IKEA. If it turns out that they need more information from you, it`s best to consider full payment and never have to deal with it. The process is unnecessary and will frustrate you every step:Step 1. You are asked to wait for a letter from Ikano asking for more information.

Our letter lasted 11 days before arriving, and if you open it, you are requested to send them your documents within 14 days from the date the application for funding was submitted. It took us three days. They also count on Sundays, although the mail doesn`t work. Step 2. You need to get “original” bank statements, which means a trip to your bank and also a copy of your driver`s license. Step 3. Obviously, this is useless for new owners, which is why you would mostly need funding from IKEA.- In the end, this is the reason why we refused funding: our initial account statement gives only one initial where you want to see a full name. The person on the phone has continued how they want to be there for their customers and are in this business to help people, but none of this is evident in their relationship with them. TLDR: frustrating and ultimately unnecessary process to apply for funding.

Pay for your IKEA belongings at the store and don`t get close to Ikano. Please don`t use this bank, I opened an IKEA card, bad train, they constantly say you haven`t paid and ask for £12 extra, even if you call and receive a zero balance, another letter arrives saying you now owe £12.64. They have to make a fortune with their dirty tricks. Don`t use them…

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