The cultural council policy aims to renew and preserve the culture, values, lands and customs of Noongar and to offer The Noongar culture a means of informing and supporting traditional, historical and contemporary cultural and political debate. Harry Hobbs and George Williams of the University of New South Wales Law School described the transaction as “Australia`s first contract.” 12-2pm, Tuesday 4 December 2018, Gnowangerup Sporting Complex, Youngenup Road Gnowangerup . In early 2015, the majority of the six Noongar groups of agreements, following extensive negotiations at the approval meetings, voted in favour of regulating national rights and interests in exchange for the large-scale comparative package. In October 2018, the National Native Title Tribunal (NNTT) registered the six indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUAs) for the South West Native Title Settlement. SWALSC welcomes all Noongar people who attend the city`s information meetings to get an update of the information and ask questions about the way forward. Meetings are not claim group meetings, which allows you to attend the meeting closest to your place of residence. The VA government signed the six ILUS on June 8, 2015. These were signed by the Then Prime Minister and all parties involved in the VA government. Noongar Heritage Partnership Agreement – Framework for Cooperation in the Identification, Registration, Protection and Management of Noongar`s Values and Heritage Sites. As part of the fiduciary activity, Equity Trustees is managed by a group of agents (the advisory committee).

The Advisory Committee is the important link between Equity Trustees and the community and plays a key role in advising the Community`s needs and priorities in issuing trust funds in accordance with the trust`s charitable objectives. 10:00-12:00, Sa 9 Mur 2019, Albany Public Library, Upstairs Meeting Room, 221 York St, Albany. The comparison consists of six (6) indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUAs). Each of the following areas has a corresponding ILUA: the approval of the people of Noongar and the execution of the ILUA by the VA government did not mark the beginning of the transaction, as a number of conditions were still met at that time. Noongars may participate if they are descendants of one or more apical ancestors listed either in the descriptions of the Native Title Claim Group (Form 1) or in the descriptions of the Native Title Agreement Group. If you would like to appoint a position on the Advisory Committee, complete the application form below and email it to Equity Trustees by email by Friday, March 20, 2020: until Friday, March 20, 2020 Ballardong People (York, Northam, Hyden, Kondinin). The Advisory Committee meets six times a year (approximately once every two months) to review and review the activities of the advisory committee. Meetings are held either in Perth or in the county in one of the six main community centres (Albany, Gnowangerup, Katanning, Kojonup, Mt Barker, Tambellup). These meetings are approximately 3 hours long and members of the advisory committee should attend in person. Additional meetings may take place at an ad hoc session requiring the presence of members of the advisory committee. Regional Corporation Establishment / SWALSC Transition to CSC – Plan on a Page Gnaala Karla Boodja (Mandurah, Bunbury, Donnybrook).

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