In deciding whether a redundancy agreement is binding on a former worker, the courts have found the time an employer must give a worker to review his offer of severance pay rather unforgivable. After the separation, the employee will want an audit and will merit payment being made as agreed. All severance agreements for workers over the age of 40 must refer specifically to the rights of age discrimination in the Labour Act. The OWBPA aims to protect workers over the age of 40 from discrimination in the workplace, including wrongful dismissals. The OWBPA protects frail workers by strictly abandoning the employment guidelines that employers must follow. As long as employers meet these criteria in their severance agreements, they will be relieved of any right to age discrimination and the risk of trial. Parties should specify dollar amounts due to the worker for unre exhausted benefits, retroactive compensation and contractual allowances. It is sometimes desirable to include in the severance agreement a provision that explicitly allows the employer, through carefully selected representatives, to address the remaining workers and provide appropriate information on the separation of the employment relationship. What does this mean for you? If you have been offered a compensation agreement and you would like to either renegotiate it or have questions about your rights, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Time is not on your side. You will need the best advice you can get before you decide to accept, refuse or renegotiate the contract offered. The contract must provide that the worker may revoke the contract for at least 7 days after its execution and that the contract becomes effective or enforceable only after the withdrawal period has expired. Here are the most important things you should avoid in your severance contracts for employees over 40: the transaction contract should include specific recitations of the dollar of the consideration and valuables that the employer gives in return for the release provisions. If your employer has asked you to sign a severance agreement, it is a good idea to discuss it first with an employment lawyer. Once you have signed the contract, it may be impossible to change the terms unless the agreement has been poorly drafted or your employer has violated your rights. Nevertheless, the worker may accept and sign the termination of the employment contract before the expiry of this period, if he wishes, but under no external pressure.

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