Sprained Toe Treatment

Toe Ligament TearWhile we’re on the topic of broken toe home treatment it seems appropriate to mention the steps to handle the treatment of a sprained toe. Broken toes often require immediate medical attention and there’s only so much one can do before the involvement of a medical professional becomes¬†necessary. A sprained toe can sometimes be treated completely at home and while we always advise that you visit your podiatrist, knowing the steps to deal with a toe sprain are very useful as there will not always be someone on hand to deal with every injury that arises.

In an earlier post we spoke about dislocated toe treatment and what steps to take to reset the toe by yourself or with the assistance of a friend. Oftentimes, athletes, climber or hikers need the immediate use of their toe for a short period of time and may need to delay full treatment until a more appropriate time. Having the ability to treat a sprained toe at home can be equally useful if you don’t have easy access to a toe doctor for any reason.

One of the best things that will help with your knowledge of treating a sprain is to have an understanding of first aid. First aid and CPR courses provide excellent advice on what to do in the event an injury or accident occurs. While the information might mention toe injuries directly, many of general safety practices can be applied to a variety of situations.

If you suspect a toe sprain and know the toe sprain symptoms you’ll want to start with R.I.C.E. treatment and work on helping yourself or with the assistance of someone else to decrease the initial swelling and lessen some of the pain. The best step of course if for the person to remain immobile with their foot elevated using the ice in cycles. But if you need to move either have two people help the you (or the patient) to move or if possible find crutches for the injured person to make use of.

One of the most important parts for sprained toe recovery is to limit any movement of the toe. This can be achieved by using a buddy-wrap with light but firm compression. Do not attempt to put on any socks or shoes immediately after the injury. Light socks can be used 12 to 24 hours after the trauma but shoes should be avoided until the patient can put pressure on the injured foot. Serious toe sprains such as turf toe may take longer to recover from.

After one to two weeks you may want to exercise the to gently by trying some basic movements and putting light pressure on the toe. Sprained toe rehabilitation exercises can be done to strengthen and improve the toe. Remember to stop at any point if the pain grows more than uncomfortable.

A sprained toe can heal entirely at home but we always recommend visiting a doctor or podiatrist for a professional opinion. In the event that any complications develop or a hairline fracture is seen, you could be saving yourself a lot of long term problems.

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