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  • PAUL says:

    i stubbed my little toe on my left foot a week ago, it was bruised next day but not too painful, but since then when i have a bath and dry between my toes i seem to knock it out to the left and then straight back with excruciating pain , it is then sore for a few hours,
    what should I do, i have not seen a doctor as i hate wasting their time, but i am concerned incase it causes problems later.

    • Toe Doc says:

      Hi Paul,

      You may have dislocated the joint and each time it heals and you knock it one way or the other you either re-dislocate it or strain the tendons or ligaments in the joint capsule area. You need to treat the area cautiously and avoid any excess movement that may trigger extra pressure on the toe. Give it a few weeks to heal up and avoid as much accidental knocks as possible during that time. If the toe is still quite tender than something else may be going on.


  • Brianne says:

    i jammed and a wrenched my little toe out 2 the side. It has been about 12 hours and i have a lot of pain, especially when i move it, but no swelling or bruising. The thing that worries me is i had a bunionette removed from that foot about 2 1/2 years ago and have 2 pins in that genereal area of my foot. Should i b worried that i dislodged a pin?

  • Claire says:

    Hi, I may have a concern. I have a habit of overlapping my pinky toes over onto the toes beside it. I’ve done this for as long as I can remember. I’ve become so used to it I can’t get comfortable without doing it. I think it may have effected my toes this way, not sure. Though everytime I walk I feel a click and then horrible pain follows. This happens when I’m not wearing shoes too, and even if I go short distances. I’m 19, and perfect weight for my height :( I’ve put of walking a lot because it’s difficult to put up with the pain, there is no bruising or swelling either. Any ideas?

    • Toe Doc says:

      Hi Claire,

      It sounds like you’ve over extended the toe by weakening the ligaments. When certain ligaments in the body are stretched out over a long period of time the body doesn’t naturally retract the ligament to it’s normal location. In fact it takes a long time for the ligament to go back into it’s natural location. You can see a local GP to check if this is the problem. You may want to cast or even buddy wrap the toe in order to make sure the toe stays in the place. You want to try and move the toe back into place naturally and slowly without causing pain.


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