Toe Problems

Toe Joint Pain

Toe Joint PainOne of the problems with toe injuries is that it’s not always easy to identify the exact cause of the pain. There are often clear broken toe symptoms or sprained toe symptoms, but if you’re foot hasn’t suffered any sort of trauma it can sometimes be hard to pinpoint what the root of the toe pain is and what you can do about it.

If you’re ever stuck in a situation where you’re dealing with some level of discomfort in the toe area you’re going to want to determine what the source of it is. One of the best places to start is to try and remember any past injuries that might have been in the same region. Sometimes the symptoms of a toe injury or problem can lie dormant until something tweaks the joint and creates pain. Another good place to start is to check your family medical history for any warning signs that may include¬†toe arthritis, toe gout or any other toe joint problems that may affect your wellbeing.

A common cause of foot and toe pain is a poor choice of footwear. Shoes that force the foot into uncomfortable positions can result in hammer toe, claw toe or mallet toe. Hammer toe is especially common in woman who choose high heels that do not fit well as there is even more strain than usual on the toe joints. However this disease can be prevented if it’s stopped in it’s early stages by identifying any hammer toe symptoms. If you think your footwear is the cause of the discomfort, switching to shoes that have a lot of toe room and don’t push your feet into an awkward position are recommended. Many people have had success using minimalist shoes to fix and prevent anything from toe injuries to bad posture.

If you’re still stumped it’s recommended that you make a list of your symptoms over the course of a week (provided the symptoms do not seem life threatening) and see if you can determine the cause yourself. Clearly visible symptoms and accurate descriptions of feelings in the toe can sometimes be matched with toe problem profiles online. If you do decide to see a toe doctor you’ll be able to more accurately explain your symptoms using correct medical terms. Some podiatrists and doctors don’t like patients diagnosing themselves but being informed can never hurt.

The best steps to analyzing your own toe joint pain is to spend some quality time looking at your symptoms and working to determine the cause. The more information you have about the injured toe, the better. Many minor toe injuries can be handled in one’s own home, and if you do get to the point of needing a podiatrist, the additional research and information you’ve assembled will make his or her job much, much easier.