Your collective agreement (legal contract between the NAU and your employer) describes your terms of employment, including pay rates and benefits, leave, sick leave and short-term and long-term disability. Your contract also contains specific clauses relating to professional liability, workload, seniority rights, vacancy notices, the timetable and the appeal procedure used to enforce collective agreements. If you feel that your tariffs have been breached, you may be able to file a complaint. Ontario`s labour laws and your collective agreement protect you from the effects if you file a complaint. Sometimes there may be a difference between NAU members and their employers who refer to the collective agreement. These differences may be related to interpretation, application, administration or the alleged violation of the agreement. As a member of the ONA, you have protection in your workplace against unfair practices and precarious working conditions. Their employment rights are described in a collective agreement (or contract). What is maladministration? A complaint arises from a difference between the parties (employer and member/union) regarding the interpretation, application, administration or alleged violation of the collective agreement, including whether a case is admissible. If you have any further questions, please contact your site representative first.

The ONA has had great, great success and success in respecting the contractual rights of members. We continue to work on behalf of all our members. Watch our new series, which provides a behind-the-scenes look at the ONA negotiations. A formal presentation will be made following questions and answers. Invite many of your staff to join you at one of these meetings. The information you want to know will be given at these meetings. You should contact your union representative immediately if you feel your rights have been violated. There are mandatory timetables for problems.

Your union representatives will be able to assist you in the next steps and represent you throughout the process. A complaint is an agreed procedure for resolving disputes between the NRO and your employer. In 2015 alone, ONA filed more than 6,000 complaints on behalf of our members. The four most important complaints related to overtime, layoffs, discipline and timing. Contract questions can be directed to your VP site at 613-731-1314. Please contact Andrea Cashman, Vice BUP – PRC Rep for information on filling out the form. Andrea can, on request, put the PRC unit to work. 613-731-1314 ext 224 ONA has designed an updated form for the Professional Responsibility Workload work report.

For more details There are two collective agreements that apply to NRO members: download the complaint sheets below for more information on the complaint process. If you have any questions about your contract or the application of your contract, please contact your bargaining chair. If the NAU and the employer are unable to resolve the complaint in the workplace, the NAU may decide to take the matter to an arbitration tribunal. Arbitration is a means of resolving complaints in which the Union and the employer present their cases before a neutral third-party judge. The arbitrator`s decision is binding – that is, his decision is final.

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