The application for the construction of a Development Consent Order (DCO) for the construction and operation of a new nuclear power plant north of Sizewell B was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) on 27 May 2020. The proposed new plant, Sizewell C, will be able to generate enough safe, low-carbon electricity to power approximately six million homes. EDF submitted its construction application in May 2020 stating that 25,000 job offers and 70% of investments will be spent in Britain. The installation will largely replicate the Hinkley Point C design to reuse the experience, reduce costs and ensure a high level of safety. [43] The proposal was welcomed by Unite the Union. [44] Since the sale of British Energy to √Člectricit√© de France (EDF) in February 2009, it is increasingly likely that another dual reactor will be built at Sizewell. [32] Sizewell has already entered into a connection agreement for a new nuclear power plant to be built. [33] The government announced that the planned 1600 MW blocks called Sizewell C, as well as the planned blocks at Hinkley Point C, would contribute to 13% of UK electricity in the early 2020s. [32] EDF intends to use Framatome`s EPR design for all newly built reactors in the UK, which is the design of reactors under construction in Finland.

France and China. [32] The application for the construction of the project was filed last month with the Planning Inspectorate. The time is right to start the process for the public, to be able to consult the construction application with new guidelines for social distancing. We will ensure that they have every opportunity to read the application to build this project which will leave a positive legacy for years to come. We are pleased that the Planning Inspectorate has accepted the sizewell C application for review. The decision means that the inspection is satisfied that the project`s eight-year public consultation has been properly conducted and that a full review of the proposals can now take place. Declaration of Waiver. All information on this website relates to the documents submitted to the Planning Inspectorate at the time of submission of the COD application.

The official website of the planning inspection may make changes that are not taken into account on this site. A summary of the proposals will be made available on the Sizewell C website and, in the coming days, a newsletter will be sent to the premises outlying all ways to help the public participate in the planning process. A copy of the complete construction application and supporting documents is available on the planning inspection website. This is an agreement under which EDF Energy will bear additional costs incurred by district council and district council when assessing, challenging or commenting on proposals for a new nuclear power plant at Sizewell. . . .

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