We are specialists in design delivery for section 278 &S38 agreements, our work is adapted to the requirements of the Developer & Council in order to guarantee an efficient and appreciated design process. These agreements provide for financial and insurance mechanisms to ensure the provision of mitigation works deemed necessary for the granting of a building permit for private development. In our experience, the early involvement of the transport and motorway planning team in the planning process helps to eliminate inefficiencies and influence the outcome of the S106 agreement or decision communication to ensure that only minimum requirements fit into the conditions. Pre-engagement accelerates the design process after the result of the planning. A £12.5 million repair bill to repair oversides and bridges hit by flooding is just the tip of the iceberg, according to the County Council`s motorway chief. Repairing all roads in Surrey today would cost nearly £300 million, County Council has revealed. Taxpayers` money, worth more than £7 million, has been saved through Surrey County Council`s efforts to make the county`s roads more resistant to potholes. A Section 278 agreement is a section of the Highways Act 1980, which allows developers to enter into a legal agreement with the local authority to make modifications or improvements to a public highway, while Section 38 is the legal mechanism in which local authorities introduce new roads and related infrastructure. For help with the Section 278 agreements, send an email roadagreements@hants.gov.uk A former minister and surrey`s vice president convinced the government that the county should get a fairer deal on road funding. Section 278 &S38 Agreement for new access to public roads, works with bus stops, public lighting, road signs and road markings, development of sidewalks and sidewalks. The close collaboration with the highway, transport and planning managers of the local authorities allows us to carry out a single design process and thus avoid several iterations and reaction times. Specific drawings are also made to support the legal agreement and construction. Contact us for more information, our experts can guide you through the process or visit your offices and make a presentation on the S278/S38 agreements.

Surrey County Council is making further pre-market commitments to a motorway maintenance contract that could have £800 million over a value of 14-21 years. The Developer Portal User`s Guide describes how to use the Developer Portal to create S278 and S38 applications at Hampshire County Council. A plan to upgrade Surrey`s streetlights is expected to be completed a year ahead of schedule. .

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