Welcome to The Toe Doctor! Our online guide is here to help you identify the causes, symptoms and treatment methods from sprained toes to broken toes. Whether you’re dealing with a stub or a major sports injury, the toe doctor has information to help you on the road to recovery and get you back into peak condition. Need help identify toe injury symptoms or help alleviating toe joint pain? No problem, we’ve got solutions for these too!

The risk of a toe injury is often overlooked and not considered seriously until the toe pain actually occurs. We at The Toe Doctor know how debilitating a serious toe injury can be, even a dislocated toe. A toe in bad condition can be as bad as a sprained ankle or a bad knee – they can all prevent you from walking, participating in sports and can take anywhere between days to months to heal depending on the seriousness of the injury.

Over 50% of the bones in your feet are in your toes and these important joints play a crucial role in helping you to maintain balance, move and walk correctly. Our toes grip and bend in a manner that allows us incredible freedom. Injuring one of these joints or wearing footwear that leads to injury can produce short term and long term effects on our ability to walk and participate in any sports. Treating a broken toe or any other toe injury quickly is crucial if we want to maintain our long term health.

Whether you’ve dropped something in your toe, stubbed into a wall or have developed pain from bad footwear, we can help. We always recommend seeking the assistance and guidance of a qualified medical professional but ensuring you’re informed first is important. If you have any immediate concerns such as bleeding, or severe pain, seek medical assistance immediately, but if you’re in relatively good health with questions about toe pain, The Toe Doctor is here to help!

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