Sprained Toe Prevention

Toe Stub StopperA sprained toe can happen anywhere. One of the most popular misconceptions about toe injuries is that they’re reserved for athletes, ballerinas or sleep walkers who stub their toes in the middle of the night. The truth is that toe sprains happen on a much more frequent basis. Our natural environment, our habits and out footwear can all play a major part in increasing or decreasing the chance that we sprain our toe.

Most people spend the majority of their lives in a very familiar environment. They walk around their home, visit the same stores, drive the same car and engage in the same sports. Given this, wouldn’t it be smart to make sure that your environment is the safest it can be, not only for your toe’s sake, but for your general health?

Many people go through a process of “baby-proofing” their home when they are expecting a child. They remove sharp objects, rearrange furniture to prevent injury and go through numerous steps to make sure that the house provides the lowest chance of personal harm possible. We don’t recommend you go this far, but a few improvements around the house can help you prevent a sprained toe, or even worse, a broken toe.

You can’t baby-proof your external environment so that’s when it’s time to keep your eyes peeled and be aware. Most toe injuries are preventable and simply remaining aware can help you lower the chances that you injure your toe.

Additionally, choose footwear that is protective and comfortable can also prevent toe sprains. Foot wear that doesn’t force your toes into unnatural positions (and possible causing hammer toe or mallet toe) is smart. Woman should avoid wearing high heels for long periods of time as a lot of pressure can be forced into the toe area.

If you are engaging in sports or activities proper footwear becomes even more important to prevent toe injuries like turf toe which can takes weeks or months to recover from. Sprained toe treatment can sometimes be a long a process. Being aware and working to prevent a toe injury is the best course of action.

We know there’s not way you can foresee and protect against every little thing, but being aware, keeping your eyes open and taking preventative measures all play a major role in preserving your health and wellbeing. Looking ahead might seem a little overzealous, but we’d all prefer to walk, run and play than sit and ice our toe. Be smart and prevent sprained toes!

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