Toe Problems

Although we provide extensive guides for a broken toe, sprained toe and dislocated toe, we wanted to take the time and list a Toe Problems Guide. This page can be used to help you to pinpoint your toe problems and take whatever actions necessary to start treatment. Our list continues to grow as we tackle some of the most common as well as more rare toe diseases and afflictions that effect millions of people today.

Toe Problems Guide

Chronic Tophaceous Gout

Corn on Toe

Hallux Rigidus

Hammer Toe

Toe Arthritis

Toe Gout


Turf Toe

6 Responses to Toe Problems

  • erica moss says:

    my toe was stepped on a month and a half ago and never seeked medical treatment , and it was extremely painful for the 1st week or so , could barrely walk on it . now it is okay to walk on but am still unable to bend it with my foot only when i bend it with my own hands will it ever be able to bend on its own again ?

    • Toe Doc says:

      Hi Erica,

      Try some of the toe rehabilitation exercises listed in the sprained toe section. You should be actively trying to move the toe on your own. If you’re unable to do so after a few weeks, seeking medical attention will be the next step. Sometime ignoring a joint for a long period of time while it recovers can limit range of motion. It’s your job to try and start to work movement back into the area, but if that’s not possible than a doctor may be required.


  • david herringdine says:

    all my toes curl under sometimes for mins,hours and days i’ve been a grill operator short order cook most of my life!! severe pain!! i go to the st andrews clinic in panama city florida i’ve been turned down for ssi/ssd i have crohns/ colitis/diverticulitis also but the toe problem and foot pain is tremendously painful!!!!!! can you help my doctor at clinic help me 850-215-3608 homephone please find it in your heart to help some how

    • Toe Doc says:

      Hi David,

      For an acute condition such as you describe you would be best off seeing a specialist. A phone consultation is unlikely to provide much support and you would have much better results compiling a list of your symptoms, the time you’ve had them and any other relevant or important information to take to a podiatrist or toe specialist. Some conditions require personal attention that the Internet or phone cannot provide.


  • ranj says:

    my left toe underneath has gone black and very hard the area is about the size of small finger nail and it just happend about 2 weeks ago please tell me what i need to do thankyou for your time .

    • Toe Doc says:

      Hi Ranj,

      Unfortunately this isn’t quite descriptive enough in order for us to make an analysis. More symptoms or a detailed description would help us to get a fuller picture.


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