If you are visiting an institution outside of California, you can compare the catalogue descriptions of the courses you have taken with the course descriptions in general from the UCLA catalogue, although the search for a similar course does not guarantee that your credits will be transferred. No no. Transfer students must apply for a certain major. UCLA policy requires all transfer students to give their main degree when they reach the junior level. Transfer candidates are also expected to take their majors` pre-season courses in a lower division prior to the transfer. To get an idea of courses that can be transferred from four-year institutions and two-year non-governmental colleges, refer to the general catalogue for each UC campus or a transfer path agreement (TCA) that UC has with any college in California. ASSIST.org: An online student transfer information system that proposes articulation agreements between California community colleges and CSUS and UCs. Check the transferable courses of the CSU and UC, the requirements of general education and the full preparation courses expected from each campus. Each year, we speak to the head of the articulation of each Community College in California to ask for help in updating the CAW. We send general information on the articulation process, a copy of the Community College`s recent articulation agreement and specific instructions for verification and updating of the agreement. Community colleges send us their latest catalogue and a list of new courses (including courses) for review. Access information from the UC campus and articulation contacts.

Learn the basics of UC`s system and campus articulation. Please note that UCLA only allows up to 70 semesters or 105 quarter units of transferable subsection courses that can be applied to your degree after being admitted. As a result, transfers of more than 86 semesters, or 129 quarters of the maximum number of two-year university units, are still considered junior levels. UC courses and higher department courses for four-year institutions are not capped (70 semesters or 105 shift units). These units may expose you to the risk of exceeding the maximum of the transmission authorization and becoming a senior-level. Authorized transfer courses are used as advanced selection credits for a bachelor`s degree on each UC campus. Are you curious about the admission rates of recent years? Find out how many transfer students apply, are admitted, how many enroll and in which majors, among other statistics.

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